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Business and Brand experts with 10+ years in IT and creative industry.

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Full copyright
Support and care
We get inspired by your idea and come up with custom made value proposition, out-of-the-box design solutions and add-ons for each client.
Our creative team encompasses analytics, strategic managers, brand makers, commercial ad copywriters, account managers, creative director, graphic and web designers, IP managers.
Your case for us is a story that we create together.
Once the project is ready, you collect all the files in editable formats. You own all propertyl rights on the IP objects.
We are always open.
Once the project is over, we stay in touch with each of you.
Our round-the-clock TG chat is open for all our clients.
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value proposition
brand name
logo design
brand identity design
pitch deck design
product packaging design
graphic & web design
online media
web channel design
social media design
logo animation
digital branding
product Dev
business relocation
brand workshops

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Фирменный стиль для MOSTRA
Айдентика и дизайн
Event agency in the UK. Shows and entertainment programmes for all the family
Мерч для Lady Bond
Айдентика и дизайн
Баннеры для Впрок
Рекламные баннеры
Retail store in the EU that specializes in hardware
Project Quiz
Final presentation
Fill in our client-friendly quiz. Once started you will answer strategic and design questions on the future project. The collected data will help our team to meet your business needs.
You choose the concept, we get the changes fixed. We upload all the final files and you receive full copyright.
Project stage
Once we get the quiz, we prefer to meet your team in person so that we fully grasp the idea and inspirational designs.
We get started and normally come back to you within 3 days. You can feedback on the project directly by mail and personally.

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Let’s make incredible cases together!
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